How to Protect Health of People Working in Cold Storages?
Working in cold storages, especially at temperatures below zero, makes it necessary for staffs to have high physical and mental standards. Low temperatures will quickly cause the body to lose heat. It affects the fingers and toes first. Numbed fingers cause reduces operator's dexterity and consequently performance. Physical activities help to maintain body temperature. When heat losses are not balanced by metabolic activity it leads to decrease the body temperature. Accordingly, every 1°C drop in deep body temperature slows the metabolism by 12%.

Working at low temperatures causes special effects on the human body like shivering, numbness, cold diuresis, and psychological stress. Furthermore, employees have to comply with the specified normal working routine to stay fit and not affect health negatively. First of all, protective clothing with adequate thermal resistance should be worn by employees while working in cold storage warehouses.

Protective clothing should provide good thermal protection but should not be too thick, hard or heavy to prevent work. Thermal clothing can be adjusted from wrists and neck, but it should not excessively tight for the body; it should facilitate the internal air circulation. Some parts of the protective cloth should allow adequate ventilation. To provide thermal protection, the hood, shoes and boots should be lined. In addition, it is important to use non-slip boots.

When working in cold rooms, the lightening should be sufficient to facilitate handling operations.

The resting rooms should be designed for the personnel to have rest physically and mentally. These resting rooms should be well ventilated and temperature should be maintained between 20°C and 27°C. Hot showers and hot drinks should be available in the resting rooms. Resting periods should be planned and inspected properly. Personnel should be trained regarding using instruction of resting rooms and upkeep of protective clothes. Personnel should be done regular medical checkups and individual hygiene should be prioritized.

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