Humidification device can be defined as the device which atomize the water and meet the needs of humidity of room.

Humidification devices usually used in fruit, vegetable and meat cold rooms. Purpose of using humidification device is to meet moisture requirement of the foods to maintain freshness and unspoiled.

Humidification devices prevent shrinkage and weight-loss of the foods by keeping humidity of the cold room at90-95% RH

In the cold storages two types Humidification devices are used which are Ultrasonic and Adiabatic

Adiabatic Humidification Device
Adiabatic humidifiers by atomizing the water with the aid of a centrifugal disc, blowing the humid air into the environment and provide the most suitable humidification especially for cold storage rooms. It starts to work with water supply and after the humidification; the water tank is completely drain away automatically.  Lack of water in the tank do not allows bacteria to multiply rapidly and hence provides maximum hygiene.

Adiabatic Humidification Device
Ultrasonic Humidification Device

Ultrasonic Humidification Device
Ultrasonic humidification devices designed for Atmosphere Controlled (AC), Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) and classical cold storage rooms.
Converts water to real steam with superior piezo crystal technology. This system evaporates the supplied water with the same temperature.
Tamcold is the export brand of Tam Güç
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