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Container type cold storagesare the most essential elements to maintain cold chain of the perishable products during transportation. Additionally, they are used for different areas like camping regions, power shortage regions, or special events where additional short-term cold storage is required a couple of days.

Container type refrigeration allows easy transportation to another place; you will have flexibility of just relocating in case of changing location of your premises.

Refrigerated containers are also preferred due to practical and ease of use. You just need to provide energy to operate the system and will obtain required cooling within an hour.

We design and manufacture right type of portable refrigerated containers that fully meet your requirements. We design container type refrigeration for different purpose of use such as cold storage, chilling room, freezing room or blast freezing. We offer custom made solutions according to your demand by installing proper refrigeration unit, interlocking panels and suitable doors. Container type cold rooms address needs of many industries to preserve wide range of products such as fresh fruits, meats, fish, ice cream, chicken, vaccinations, sensitive chemicals etc.

For special projects, special sizes can be produced outside of standard sizes.

20 Dc Container
Length: 5,897 mm 19 ft 4.17 in
Width: 2,348 mm 7 ft 8.44 in
Height: 2,390 mm 7 ft 9.90 in

40 Hc Container
Length12,031 mm39 ft 5.66 in
Width2,348 mm7ft 8.44 in
Height2,695 mm8ft 10.12 in

According to the place of use; containers can be designed for different temperatures
  • Ambient Cooling: +12°C / +16°C
  • Cold Storage: -5°C / +8°C
  • Frozen Storage: -18°C / -25°C
  • Blast Freezing : -35°C / -40°C
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Container Cold Storage
Container Cold Storage
Container Refrigerated Room
Container Refrigerated Room
Container Type Refrigeration
Container Type Refrigeration
Refrigerated Container
Refrigerated Container
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