How to Ensure Hygiene and Disinfection?
Meat cold storage warehouses should be strictly kept under hygienic condition. Because meat cold rooms are the areas in which microorganisms tend to grow and constitute a serious risk.

Following operations are required to ensure hygiene.

•   In the cold room, all wastes should be eliminated immediately.
•   Each time when the room has been emptied, the floors and walls should be washed with detergent and hot water after that it should be rinsed with clean water and a solution containing active chlorine (0.3%) should be sprayed.
•   Pallets and containers should be cleaned every 4 months.
•   Chilling rooms should be disinfected twice a year for 48 hours; frozen storage rooms must be disinfected at each discharge.
•   Before placing animal products in cold rooms where fruits and vegetables stored previously; the room should be washed to remove the odor, long-term ventilation should be done and finally solutions which contain ammonium salts should be sprayed.
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