How Many Types of Meat in Cold Rooms are there?
Meat Cold Stores are designed as chilled or frozen cold chambers for different types of meats such as carcasses, boneless and cuts.

Meat Cold Storage; Carcass cold stores can be classified as short-term storage, long-term cold storage and distribution cold storages.

Carcass cold stores are very important for slaughterhouses where the fresh meat is subjected to primary cooling.

Short and long-term storage of cold stores can be built inside of slaughterhouse or outside at distant locations. These cold stores serve to regulate the product stock of whole year. In these stores, the products are taken from the carcass cold rooms are kept frozen for a week to several months and shipped to distribution cold storages.

Distribution cold storages are generally located in city centers, receive goods from short-term storage or long-term and distributes to markets. In distribution stores, generally storage times vary from one to two weeks.

Meat cold storages are designed for the purpose of keeping chilled meat or frozen meat or both min different rooms

Meat cold stores can be owned by private company, public institution or cooperative. Regardless of the owners, quality is the most important factor. These cold storages serve on profit basis.

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