About Us

TAMCOLD was founded in 1999 in Kayseri, Turkey. Today, it is located in Kayseri Industrial Zone built on area of 5.000 m² with 3.000 m² indoor production facility and serve as a modern factory equipped with the latest technology.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of cold stroge rooms , refrigeration units, cold storage doors, cold storage panels, mortuary rooms and mortuary units. With 20 years experience  TAMCOLD; completed many projects in national and international markets successfully. 

We fully meet Cold Storage requirements of different sectors such as Fruit and Vegetable Storage, Slaughterhouses, Hospitals, Hotels, Market Chains and Food Wholesalers ; Meat, fish, poultry processing and storage facilities, milk and dairy products production and storage facilities, frozen food storage and shocking facilities, fruit, vegetables and drug storage facilities.

TAMCOLD works with the principle of “On-Time Delivery” and “Quality Production” and became one step ahead of other brands with Quality Products and Importance given to after-sales support with dedicated team.

Providing effective solutions for the demands of cold storage rooms with high efficiency, low energy consumption and competitive prices, TAMCOLD is making steady progress towards becoming a world brand by increasing its portfolio day by day with its services focused on customer satisfaction.


Our Vision is to become a well-known world-brand in the field of cooling systems, manufacturing high-Quality products with international standards, providing high-tech and energy-saving systems.


Our Mission is to become a solution partner by supplying specifically-designed products that fully meet the requirements of its customers, by giving priority to Customer satisfaction providing Low-Energy Consumption and High-Efficiency systems, by ensuring best after sale service and on-time delivery thanks to experienced expert staff and reliable Suppliers.
Tamcold is the export brand of Tam Güç
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